Below you will find the program for the symposium. The abstracts and short cv:s on the presenters as well as the keynote speaker  and his abstract may be found in the submenu of this page, just point on the page name Program in the menu and click the person you are interested in reading about.

Tuesday, 23rd April, 2013


08:30-09:00   Registration
09:00-10:15    Plenary lecture: Philip Wegner, Detonating New Shockwaves of Possibility: Alternate Histories and the Geopolitical Aesthetics of Ken MacLeod and Iain M. Banks
10:15-10:30    Discussion
10:30-11:00    Määttä, Jerry.  Monuments to Our Ruined Age: The Rhetoric of Ruins in Post-Apocalyptic Narratives
11:00-11:30    Kaffe
11:30-12:00    Kuusniemi, Tuomas. The Time of Tale: Time as Fractal Metaphor in Frank Herbert’s Dune
12:00-12:30    Soikkeli, Markku. Time-Travel-Stories And Christian Chronology
12:30-13:15    Lunch
13:15-13:45    Ogden, Daniel. Disembodied Selves in William Gibson’s Neuromancer (1984)
13:45-14:15    Löfgren, Ingeborg. Cavell and Asimov – The Real and the Imagined Human in Philosophy and Literature
14:15-14:45    Soikkonen, Leila. Confrontations between masculine and feminine in C.L. Moore’s speculative fiction
14:45-15:15    Lindström, Ingrid. Samtida spansk litteratur
15:15-15:30    Kaffe
15:30-16:00    Pranskevičiūtė, Rasa. Time and Space Alternatives in Nature-based Spirituality Movements: the Case of Vissarionites and Anastasians
16:00-16:30    Rodéhn, Cecilia. Capturing time – Museum collections and social transformations
16:30-17:00    Kontturi, Katja. “I can’t seem to change history! I can only help it happen!”: Problems of magical time travel in Don Rosa’s “Of Ducks and Dimes and Destinies”
   Maud Eriksen

8 responses to “Program

  1. Hi, this sounds very interesting, but there’s one thing I didn’t find from the CFP information: when this symposium is going to happen? I have quite a few interesting conferences this year, so I’d like to know if I can make it in this one or not.

  2. Soikkeli

    And WHEN will this symposium be held? Or should we judge that Time & Space -symposium is happening all the time, but only in Uppsala?

  3. Hi, your email address on the website doesn’t seem to work properly? My email came back to me with a note that the address had fatal errors.

  4. Stefan Isaksson

    Hi, I just registred, though I think I should mention somewhere that I won’t participate all day. I will arrive just before 12 and I have to leave about 15:30.

  5. Thank you for interesting seminar and discussions in dinner.
    A short blog-report of seminar may be found in
    It’s in Finnish, but at least the photos are recognizable 🙂
    Hope to see you all in Finncon 2013 (

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